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+/-: User Interface, Using the Keyboard
+/- keys: Zoom with the mouse


180 degrees: Angles


@-references: Points, Self Reference
@...: Warning: "Object is used, but not in Macro"


_tracks: Manual Point and Line Tracking


A: Syntax for Expressions
Alias: Object Properties, LaTeX Code, Angles, Rename alphabetically
Anchor point: Images
Animation: Animation
Animation speed: Automatic Point and Line Tracking
Anti-aliasing: Special Settings
Applets: Sizes
Arcs: Warning: "Object is used, but not in Macro"
Arrow keys: User Interface, Automatic Point and Line Tracking, Animation, Animate breakpoints, Zoom with the mouse, The File Dialog
Assignments: Saving and loading files
Automatic intersection: Intersections
Automatic intersections: Object Properties, Filled Polygons
Away from: Warning: "Object is used, but not in Macro"


Background: Settings for Graphics Export
Backspace key: Deleting Objects, Using the Keyboard
Backups: Special Settings
Bind: Angles, Conic sections, Self Reference
Bold: Text
Bound points: Object Properties, Points, Points on Objects
Breakpoints: Walk through constructions
Browser: Starting the help browser


Checkbox: Expressions
Clipboard: Print and Export Constructions, List of objects
Close to: Selecting Intersections
Color: Grid, Paint with the Mouse, Targets
Comment: Macro Definition
Comments: Descriptive constructions in files, Comments
Compressed: Saving and loading files
Conditional formating: Conditional Formatting
Conditional formatting: Object Properties, Reorder points, Self Reference
Configure the icon bar: Iconbar
Confirmation: Points
Conic sections: Intersections, Conic sections
Context sensitive help: C.a.R.
Ctrl key: Move Objects
Ctrl-key: User Interface, The Mouse, Points on Objects, Move Objects, Hiding Objects, Functions and Curves, Edit Objects, Conditional Formatting, List of objects, Using the Keyboard
Curves: Functions and Curves


D: Syntax for Expressions
Default macros: The Macro Selection Dialog, Default Macros, Saving and loading files
Defaults: Default settings
Descriptive constructions: Descriptive constructions in files, Saving and loading files
Diff: Syntax for Expressions
Different from: Selecting Intersections
Double click: Filled Polygons, The File Dialog, Special Settings
Dpi: Print and Export Constructions
Duplicate objects: Hiding Objects
Duplicates: Macro Definition


Edit: The Mouse
Email: Online Help
Encoding: Localized Help
EPS: Transparency
Esc key: Manual Point and Line Tracking, Paint with the Mouse, Using the Keyboard
Exact scaling: Print and Export Constructions
Export constructions: Print and Export Constructions
Expressions: Descriptive Constructions


F1: Using the Keyboard
File dialog: The File Dialog, Special Settings
File patterns: The File Dialog
Fix a parameter: Macro Definition
Fixed angle: Lines and Rays
Fixed angles: Object Properties, Fixed angles
Fixed circles: Object Properties
Fixed segment: Segments
Font: Grid
Fonts: Fonts
Free point: Points
Free points: Move Objects
Free software: License for C.a.R.
Functions: Intersections, Syntax for Expressions, Functions and Curves


Graphics export: Fonts, Print and Export Constructions, Settings for Graphics Export
Graphicx: Print and Export Constructions
Grid: Points, Self Reference


Help: Context sensitive Help
Hidden: Targets
Hidden texts: Text
Hide: Hiding Objects, Hint Parameters
Hiding breakpoint: Walk through constructions
Hint parameters: Hint Parameters
History: The File Dialog
Home directory: The File Dialog
Homepage: Online Help
HTML: Starting the help browser, Comments


Icon bar: User Interface
Icon bar for beginners: Restricted Iconbar
If : Syntax for Expressions
Images: Images
Info-button: Context sensitive Help
Inside: Points on Objects, Syntax for Expressions
Integrate: Syntax for Expressions
Intersection: The Mouse
Intersections: Points, Lines and Rays, Segments, Intersections, Selecting Intersections, Automatic Point and Line Tracking, Conic sections, Warning: "Object is used, but not in Macro"
Invalid: Syntax for Expressions
Inverted: Fixed angles


Keyboard shortcuts: User Interface, Using the Keyboard
Keywords: C.a.R., Context sensitive Help


Languages: Default Macros, Localized Help, Set Language
Large: Text
LaTeX: LaTeX Code, Expressions, Text, Print and Export Constructions
Left mouse button: The Mouse, Grid
License: License for C.a.R.
Lines: Lines and Rays
Linux: License for C.a.R., The File Dialog
List of objects: User Interface


Macro bar: User Interface
Macro folders: The Macro Selection Dialog
Macros: Macro Parameters, The Macro Selection Dialog, Descriptive Constructions, Descriptive constructions in files, Comments, Saving and loading files, Self Reference
Max: Syntax for Expressions
Min: Syntax for Expressions
Minimal sizes: Sizes
Mouse wheel: User Interface, Zoom with the mouse
Moveable: List of objects


Non-visual mode: User Interface


Object list: Move Objects, Hiding Objects, List of objects
Order: Reorder points


Parallels: Lines and Rays
Parameters: Macro Parameters, Macro Definition, Fixed Parameters, Types of Parameters
PDF: Transparency, Print and Export Constructions
Permanent Tracks: Automatic Point and Line Tracking
Perpendiculars: Lines and Rays
Pi : Syntax for Expressions
Pixel: Syntax for Expressions
PNG: Print and Export Constructions
Points: The Mouse, Types of Parameters
Polar set: Manual Point and Line Tracking
Polygons: Points, Filled Polygons
Preview: Points, Running a Macro, Print and Export Constructions
Print: Print and Export Constructions
Prompt: Running a Macro
Prompts: Macro Definition
Properties: Object Properties, Transparency, Points on Objects, Lines and Rays, Segments, Fixed Circles, Automatic Point and Line Tracking, Text, Conic sections, Functions and Curves, Conditional Formatting, Localized Help


Quad: Syntax for Expressions
Quadrance: Rational Geometry
Quadrances: Syntax for Expressions


Rational Geometry: Object Properties, Syntax for Expressions
Rational Trigonometry: Rational Geometry
Relative fix: Points on Objects
Release: Points on Objects
Rename: Rename alphabetically
Replace: Intersections, Replace an Obect by Another
Replay: Object Properties
Restricted icon bar: Restricted Iconbar
Return key: Using the Keyboard
Right mouse button: User Interface, The Mouse, Move Objects, Zoom with the mouse, Running a Macro


Scale: Syntax for Expressions, Print and Export Constructions
Secondary parameters: Types of Parameters
Segments: Segments
Self referring: Self Reference
Selfreference: Points
Shift click: Animation
Shift-Ctrl-key: The File Dialog
Shift-key: User Interface, The Mouse, Points, Move Objects, Manual Point and Line Tracking, Automatic Point and Line Tracking, Fixed angles, Hiding Objects, Edit Objects, Animate breakpoints, Running a Macro, Fixed Parameters, List of objects, Using the Keyboard
Simulate: Syntax for Expressions
Size: Object Properties
Slider: Expressions
Smartboard: Special Settings
Snap: Grid
Space key: Running a Macro, Using the Keyboard
Special setting: Grid
Special settings: Iconbar, The Mouse, Conditional Formatting, The File Dialog, Special Settings
Spread: Rational Geometry, Syntax for Expressions
Spreads: Syntax for Expressions
States: Automatic Point and Line Tracking
Status line: User Interface, Running a Macro
Sum: Syntax for Expressions
Syntax: Descriptive Constructions


Target: Macro Parameters
Targets: Targets, Macro Definition
Text: Text
Thickness: Grid
This: Syntax for Expressions
Tool tip: Iconbar
Tool tips: User Interface
Topics: Context sensitive Help
Tracks: Intersections, Automatic Point and Line Tracking
Transparency: Transparency


User defined color: Object Properties
User defined functions: Functions and Curves
UTF-8: Special Settings


Value prompt: Macro Definition, Running a Macro
Visible: Hiding Objects, Targets
Visual mode: Descriptive Constructions


Windowcx: Syntax for Expressions
Windowcy: Syntax for Expressions
Windowh: Syntax for Expressions
Windoww: Syntax for Expressions


X: Syntax for Expressions
XML: Saving and loading files


Y: Syntax for Expressions


Z: Syntax for Expressions
Zero: Syntax for Expressions
Zero sets: Functions and Curves
Zoom: User Interface