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Online Help

You find the homepage of C.a.R. via "www.z-u-l.de". You are welcome to look for new versions there, or to browse through the examples and demos. If you installed the documentation, you will find a link on your computer, and C.a.R. may open the documentation with the menu link. Otherwise, C.a.R. opens the documentaiton on my web page. You can also configure the browser command in the help menu.

I opened two discussion groups about C.a.R. on Yahoo groups. One is in German and the other in English. You find the English discussion version via the support link on the homepage of C.a.R. There is also a Wiki for C.a.R., where you can participate at the development of the program.

Of course, you can reach me by email. You find my email address on my homepage via the C.a.R. homepage "http//www.z-u-l.de".

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