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In this help section, we give some tips to solve common problems.

Invalid Constructions. To test a construction, move one of the basic points. If the construction does not remain valid, the most common reason is that you did not choose an intersection properly. Instead, you may have defined a line that goes through the intersection point only by chance.

Wrong Intersection. If a construction becomes invalid, whenever the order of the basic points is changed or if one point is flipped to another side, you are facing the problem to choose the right intersection point. So, if you want your construction to be valid for all situations, make sure, you choose all intersections properly. If the automatic selection of C.a.R. fails, you can select the intersection by hand. Open its properties and press "Close to" or "Away from". Then choose a point that should be nearer to or further away from the intersection point. You can also set intersection close to itself. In this case, the intersection will behave continously.

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