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Intersections can either be created by the point tool, clicking on an intersection point, or with a special intersection tool. The intersection tool is hidden by default, since the point tool can be used instead in most cases.

The program can compute intersections between lines, circles, function graphs, parametric curves and automatic tracks. In paper constructions, intersections might not be thought of as an extra step to do. But the computer won't compute all possible intersections. Also it makes the necessary steps much clearer, if the user has to construct intersections explicitly.

It is possible to create intersection between conic sections, tracks, and functions too. Note, that these intersections may need some time to compute. Creating very many intersections of the complicated kind will slow down your construction. Moreover, only one of the intersection points is computed and updated in a continuous way. The user can drag the intersection to other intersection points.

Note that the automatic intersection with some objects can be disabled. E.g., it is disabled with polygons by default, since users should not be tempted to using the sides of polygons as line segments. The automatic intersection can be enabled in the object properties dialog.

In a long construction, interesections can be replaced by free objects with the replace tool only.

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