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Move Objects

This tool moves points (an alternative to the right mouse button). It can also drag the size fixed circles and angles, unless these objects are fixed for dragging. To unfix those objects, hold down the Ctrl-key while moving.

If lines, circles, polygons, or conic sections are generated by free points only, they can be dragged too.

When the move tool is selected or when it is reset with the Esc key, all moveable objects blink in red. This helps to identify the free points. Moreover, free objects are also marked in the object list by ">".

It is possible to move several points at once. To do this, hold down the Shift-key while selecting the points, and release it for the last point.

When the shift key is hold during the movement, the movement will be restricted, to the point where an intersection becomes invalid. For applets, this behaviour can be made the default by the "restrictedmove" applet parameter.

If the ctrl key is hold while moveing, the old construction will be visible in the background during the movement.

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