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Normal Angles are decoration and cannot be used to construct anything. The exception is that it is possible to bind points into the angle area. The order of input for such angles is A, B, C, where B is the corner point.

Angles can be displayed in three different sizes. The largest size will display a circular arc, which starts in A.

Angles can have Greek letters in their name. To achieve an alpha, enter \a, \A etc. You can use all Unicode letters with \0XXXX, where XXXX is any hexadecimal digit. Angles, which are 90 or have a name starting with "." will be labeled with a dot, if the size display is switched on. Angles may be filled. It is probably better to use an alias for angles to achieve this.

By default, angles are never larger than 180 degrees. The order of A and C does not matter. However, this can be switched off in the properties dialog of the angle.

As with other objects, the invisible thickness shows the label, but not the angle.

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