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Self Reference

A point may contain references to itself to fix its coordinates, or to set the appearance in the conditional formatting. If a point refers to itself only (@-references do not count), it is called a self referring object. It will then be moveable by the user. First, the rest of construction will be updated, then the point.

This feature allows to give the point to a special behavior, when it is moved. E.g., one could restrict the movements of the point this way. Note, that this is only necessary in very special situations, since points can bind to the inside of angles, polygons and circles, and of course to the boundary of many other objects. Moreover, there is a grid setting for points, which keeps it on an integer grid. All these points are moveable, but fixed points.

Such moveable fixed points can also be created by macros. The point must be a macro parameter, and this parameter must be selected with the shift key, when the macro is created. When the macro runs, the points chosen for the parameter gets the coordinate fixes.

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