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Warning: "Object is used, but not in Macro"

This warning occurs if an object in the macro refers to an object not contained in the macro. Usually, the reason is a @... reference in an expression, maybe in the conditional formatting of objects. Those references do not make objects depend on the referred object, and thus the objects are still constructable. However, they might not work as expected, or might even refer to wrong objects when used.

Another type of references are the bounds of arcs. Since those bounds depend on the circle most of the time, the circle arc cannot depend on the bounds to avoid circular dependencies. If you ignore the warning, the arc will be determined by objects with the same name.

A third reason may be the intersections with circles. To choose the intersection, the intersection may be kept away from a given point. This might happen automatically, if the other intersection already exists. If you ignore the warning, this intersection will be kept away from a point with the same name, or will become an unrestricted intersection.

To avoid the warning, add the missing object to the parameters, so that it is included in the macro.

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