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Default Macros

When starting, C.a.R. looks for a file named ".default.mcr" in the current directory. If there is such a file, the macros contained in this file are loaded as default macros. Note, that there is a a default macro file in the program archive, which is used, if the program does not find another file.

The default macros are protected. They are not deleted when a new file is loaded and they are not saved with constructions. To delete protected macros, use the menu entry in the macro menu, and select all macros.

You can create default macros yourself. Simply save a file ".default.mcr" into the current directory. If you need a special language version, save the file as ".la_default.mcr", where "la" is your language shortcut, of simply overwrite ".default.mcr". the language shortcut can be found in the "about" dialog (languages).

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