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Running a Macro

If the Shift-key is pressed when the macro run tool is selected, the previously used macro will be selected automatically. If not, and there is more than one macro, the macro selection dialog will open. After the user has chosen a macro, the program will prompt for each parameter, and the expected object type and the prompt will be displayed in the status line.

Macros can also be selected with the right mouse button. Choose the macro from the list in the popup menu.

If "Space selects ..." appears in the status line, this parameter object can be selected by pressing the space key. This feature is useful, if the macro is used several times.

At the end, the macro will be executed. If the macro needs a value for a fixed circle or angle (value prompt), it will prompt for this value with a dialog box. The user can enter any arithmetic expression here.

If the full preview is turned on, the result of the macro operation can be seen before the last parameter point is selected.

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