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Macro Parameters

Macros are an important tool for more complicated constructions. Without macros, only more or less simple constructions can be done. Macros collect many constructions steps into one construction step. They behave like subroutines in a programming language. Macros are like new, user defined tools.

A macro needs parameter objects and target objects, just like the segment tool takes two points as parameters and has a segment as its target.

Macros in Z.u.L. are easily defined. Show the macro, which part of your construction it should learn. This part is called the "pattern construction". To create the pattern, construct some targets starting with some given parameter objects. E.g., you could construct the middle perpendicular line of a segment between two points, starting with the two points.

In the first step of macro creation, the macro needs to learn your starting points. In the next step, you press the macro tool once more and define the targets. In the final step, the macro dialog appears and the macro definition is finished.

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