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After the macro parameters have been selected, another click on the macro tool starts the selection of the targets. Here, only those objects are visible that are constructible from the parameters. E.g., the middle perpendicular of two points is visible, if the two points have been selected as parameters. All intermediate construction steps are visible too unless they are hidden.

Select the targets now. In the example ment oned above, select the middle perpendicular line.

At least one target object should always be defined. Otherwise, all visible objects will be constructed by the macro. Moreover, targets will get the default color and styles when the macro is used. All other objects get the style in the definition pattern, with the exception that black objects get the default color. Especially, all hidden objects will be constructed in the hidden state. However, there is an option to hide all objects that are no targets automatically, even if they were visible in the construction. Moreover, if the macro is used in the descriptive mode, the user can assign names only to target objects.

Another click on the macro tool finished the definition of the macro using a dialog.

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