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User Interface

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The larger area you see is the main window of C.a.R. It displays the construction. The view can be moved with the arrow keys, and enlarged with +/-. Alternatively, there is a tool to zoom and drag the construction with the mouse. Or it is possible to zoom with the mouse wheel, and to drag with the right mouse button on some empty position.

Above the construction you find the icon bar. The icons show tool tips, if the mouse remains over them for more than two seconds. The icon display may also be concentrated into a single bar. In a two line icon bar, the lower bar contains the construction tools. The upper bar contains default settings, and settings for the display.

The iconbar can include a macro bar.

Below the construction, there is a status line, which displays important text information. In the non-visual mode, this line is replaced by an input line.

On the left side of the construction display, there may be an optional list of objects. It can be configured to display categories of objects only. Click on the display with the right mouse button to see further options for this list. A double click on a line with an object, will edit this object. To edit several objects, select the objects with the Ctrl-key or Shift-key as usual.

The objekt list can be sized by clicking on the small gap on the right of the scrollbar and dragging the mouse left or right, then releasing it at the intended position of the bar.

The menu contains many other commands and options, like loading and saving of files. It also displays the keyboard shortcuts for the tools.

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