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To select an icon of the icon bar, left click on it. To learn more about an icon, hold the mouse over it for a while. A small window will appear with some text explaining the tool (tool tip).

There are different types of tools.

Icons expecting mouse input: Examples are the point or segment tools, the macro parameter selection or the zooming.

Icons to change default settings: Examples are the default color or the point type.

Icons changing the look: Examples are the grid icon or the icon to show hidden elements.

Icons that do an action: Examples are the editing of the comment or deleting the last object.

To configure the icon bar, start the dialog with the corresponding menu entry. You can select and deselect any icon. Moreover, you can choose to display the tools in a single row. Then the icon bar will only show the most urgent tools. Deselected tools can still be used in the normal mode using the keyboard or the menu.

The icon bar can be set to appear under the construction (see the special settings).

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