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Special Settings

This dialog contains some special settings for advanced users. Some of these settings are affected by the beginner mode, however.

First of all, there is a switch for the display of object labels while the object is moved. This option may be disturbing, but it is quite useful in some cases. C.a.R. can restrict that to fixed objects only.

Then, there are switchs for some questions the program asks before critical actions.

If the dialog to choose objects is disabled, the program will always select the first object, even if the selection cannot be determined uniquely from the mouse position.

It is also possible to turn off the construction preview, or restrict it to points. By default, most tools show a preview of the result before the last parameter point is selected. In the beginner mode, only points are shown in preview, since other objects tend to mislead the users.

The icon bar can be placed to the lower edge of the window, and tooltips can be disabled.

Some users want to use the system file dialog. I prefer mine, and it does indeed have some advantages. However, it cannot delete or rename files. It can create directories, however.

One should use UTF-8 encoding all the time, but C.a.R can also choose to use the local encoding for construction files. This affects comments and descriptions in the files. Use the local setting only, if you want to edit the construction yourself, and if you do not have a UTF-8 editor.

In the smartboard mode, dragging will behave differently. A smartboard cannot report mouse movements, so they are replaced by drags. You have to click once more to complete the construction. This is only important for the preview of construction steps.

By default, the program writes backups of the files before overwriting. If you find you do not need these, disable the backup feature.

The user can choose to call the macro popup dialog with a single or a double click of the right mouse button.

On a slow system, one may want to disable the smooth graphics with anti-aliasing.

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