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LaTeX Code

C.a.R. uses HotEqn to display equations in LaTeX form. To use LaTeX code, enclose the text in $...$ signs. LaTeX code can be used in lines of text objects, expression labels or for names of objects. It is useful to use a specific display name (an alias) like $P_1$ in this case.

HotEqn cannot display all LaTeX code, but quite a lot. First of all the Greek letters are supported (\alpha, \beta, ...), as well as many specific LaTeX symbols (\nabla). Also supported is \percent and \dollar, which is not in the normal LaTeX. Of course subscripts (x_n) and superscripts (x^2) are supported and fractions (\frac{1}{x} or \dfrac). The big operators, like integration and summation are supported (\int_a^b), as well as limits and suprema (\lim_{x \to \infty}).

Moreover, big brackets are useful, like (\left[ and \right]). Arrays are also supported (\begin{array}{cc}2&3\\3&4\end{array}). The binomial fraction is expressed with choose, and there is also atop ({2 \atop 3}).

For more information, refer to the HTML documentation.

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