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Default settings

You can set the defaults for color and appearance and some other properties of new objects.

- color of objects
- thickness of objects
- style of points
- partial circles
- partial lines
- segments as arrows
- show name
- show value
- use long names
- large and bold font
- angles larger than 180 degrees
- non-transparent objects

These default settings are available in the menu and as tool bar icons.

Some styles apply only to specific objects, some can be used for all objects. The color can either be one of the six predefined colors, or a user defined color. User defined colors are not encouraged per default. Activate the icon to set the user defined color by editing the icon bar, if you really need this.

There also global settings, which apply to all objects in the construction. The following global settings are available.

- large or fat font - font name (dialog, dialoginput, monospace, serif, sansserif) - minimal point size, line width, font size - area of selection for points - arrow size - number of digits for display - global colors

Most of these are saved on HTML export in the parameter section of the applet.

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