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Creating a running demo

It is possible to create an applet to load a series of constructions and display them to the user at a given rate (demo show). The applet syntax is quite different and there is no automatic export.

An example of the applet code looks like this.

<APPLET ARCHIVE="zirkel.jar" CODE="rene.zirkel.ZirkelApplet.class"
WIDTH="500" HEIGHT="565" ALIGN="center">
<PARAM NAME="demo" VALUE="demo.xml">
<PARAM NAME="color" VALUE="244,244,242">

The file "demo.xml" contains the file list. It is an XML file with a straightforward syntax. Here is a sample.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Demo delay="30">
<File name="Uhr.zir" delay="20">Clockwork</File>
<File name="Cindarella-Maschine.zir">Cindarella machine</File>

The delay parameters are in seconds.

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