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Technical Stuff

This is an attempt to give the advanced user some more information about the technical aspects of C.a.R.

File Formats

As stated already in the introduction, C.a.R. uses an XML format for files. Here is a not up-to-date description of this format.

Graphics Formats

To save graphics, C.a.R. uses one of the following formats.


This is a format for scalable vector graphics, fixed by the www consortium. Currently, there are some restrictions in C.a.R. E.g., transparency is not exported to SVG. if you need an exact look alike, I recommend using PNG instead.

To embed SVG into a pate, use the following code.

<p align="center">
<object data="ohd.svg" width="383" height="284" name="svg1"

C.a.R. > Documentation > File Format